Classy & Sassy Coffee 10th Anniversary Letter

As Classy & Sassy Coffee celebrates our 10th year anniversary, we would like to take a moment to reflect on our journey thus far and give our heartfelt appreciation to the Billings community for being such a wonderful part of that journey.  

Ten years ago, an idea sparked enthusiasm which in turn sparked a plan and a mission. We believed that Billings was in need of a coffee business that provided both quality products as well as outstanding customer service.  The commitment to serve runs in the veins of our family.  After Travis finished his service in the United States Marine Corps, we felt the need to continue finding ways to serve and give back to our community and do so through meeting the needs of our friends and neighbors, all while providing top quality, locally roasted coffee.  We also knew  that just because something was done well, didn’t mean that it needed to be done slowly.  We committed ourselves to finding ways to serve top quality, local products with excellent customer care, and do so in an efficient way to help our customers get in and out and on with their busy day. Lasty, we made it our mission to keep our price point at a place where the community could enjoy our coffee without having to feel guilty about it.  Those values became the backbone of Classy & Sassy Coffee.

Today, you’ll find those same values throughout our business and at each of our five locations.  Whether you are greeted with the smile of one of our employees or by one of our family members, you’ll find that those values are a part of everything we do. 

We continue to look for ways to serve and give back to our community and encourage our employees to do the same. Whether it’s through the involvement of local sports and clubs, or through charitable donations,  Classy & Sassy believes in taking care of our own and stepping up to help our fellow neighbors.

We are so blessed to continue serving the Billings community and we see it as a privilege to play a part in helping our customers enjoy their daily lives.

We celebrate this ten year anniversary with you, our customers, and we thank you for being such an important part of our journey.  We’ll keep the coffee on and look forward to seeing you soon.

Sincerely with gratitude,

Travis and Cassie Dennison and family

Classy & Sassy Coffee