Completing Our New Website

Hello all!

Welcome to our new website. We’re just putting on the finishing touches, and we will be ready for our official launch within the next week or so.

To build our new website, we partnered with Yellowstone Digital Media, a web design company based here in Billings, Montana. They have been able to help us get everything set up.

One of my favorite things about our new website is our Classy N’ Sassy Locator feature. It’s a really neat tool that lets you put in your address (or even better, use your current location) to show you the nearest Classy N’ Sassy Coffee locations to you. It even lets you click to get directions in Google Maps! As we continue to add more Classy N’ Sassy locations, this tool will become more and more useful!

Another great feature (that has a bit more work left to do) is our online menu. This will be the spot for our official Classy N’ Sassy menu, and customers will be able to pull it up by visiting our website, or even just by scanning a fancy QR Code with the camera on their smartphones. How cool is that?

Our website has all the normal stuff too, like information about our website, some of our many great reviews, and all of our contact information.

Oh, and did I forget to mention, you can order our products online? If you want a Classy N’ Sassy travel mug or some of our delicious, locally roasted coffee beans, you can order those to be shipped right to your door on our website.

We’re sure excited about all of this, and we hope you are too! We can’t wait to see you at one of our three convenient locations around Billings!


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