Classy & Sassy Roasted Coffee Beans



If you are passionate about delicious, flavorful coffee (and if you’re reading this, we bet you are) then you want locally roasted coffee. Classy & Sassy is proud to source all of our coffee beans from Revel Coffee: local roasters in Billings, Montana.

By partnering with Revel, not only are we able to support another local Billings businesses, but by sourcing our coffee from local roasters we are able to serve the best coffee in Billings. Any coffee expert will tell you that the quality, flavor, and aroma of your coffee is dependent on how recently it was roasted.

Whenever you stop through one of our Billings coffee shops, you know that you are getting the best coffee that Billings has to offer.

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Classy & Sassy Blend Coffee Beans, Sunshine Blend Whole Coffee Beans, Sunshine Blend Decaf Whole Coffee Beans, Brazil Minas Gerais Coffee Beans, Peru Cajamarca Whole Coffee Beans


12oz, 5 lbs


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